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Monday, February 24, 2014

Maintaining Something Like Order in a World Gone Mad

Okay, so it's a Drama Queen sort of title. I know. But allow me this little indulgence if you will. I am swimming in grandchildren these days and sometimes, as much as I love them right down to their guts, it feels sort of like a world gone mad around here.

But I can't afford to go mad with it-the wee folk need me. So, instead, I make compromises. Yes, compromises. I do less in the kitchen so I have energy to do more with them. We all know that traditional cooking requires more of our time in the kitchen. We do all we can to simplify that, but the fact remains that it requires much forethought and attentiveness in the kitchen arena. And remember, my wee ones go home to conventional homes at night, so they're not used to traditional tastes. They love helping create, but getting them to eat their proceeds isn't always a happy thing. Well, I now consider myself a quite seasoned grandmother and as Nana I have life's too short to deal with that kind of strife. So my pantry, which once appeared to be the epitome of what traditional food foodies love, has backslidden to include stuff my 'normal' grandkids love...Well, not everything, but some things. I still push them towards the fresh fruits, and they are getting more excited about garden veggies, too...I do what I can, you know?

I won't tell all the areas where I take short-cuts and make compromises for the sake of summer vacation. (Well, it it's vacation for some people, at least. For me, it's my busiest, pull-your-hair-outiest, time of year!). Instead, I will tell the things I hang on to in an attempt to maintain something like traditional food order in a world gone conventional food mad.

Tibicos, Beet Kvass, Kombucha. These get top billing. The Tibi is fast, the Kombucha is too, once it's made and if continuously brewed on the counter. The Beet Kvass isn't fast, but we drink it less and it lasts long. It's so full of antioxidant beet goodness, too!

Soaked Grain Bread. For us. The kids will tolerate it if it's smothered in butter and cinnamon or home-made jam, so I'm okay with that.
In a pinch, I buy Ezekiel bread.

Homemade biscuit mix

Butter, Coconut Oil, EVOO, Lard/Tallow (pasture-grazed only)

Pasture-grazed meats as much as possible. In their absence, we opt for the most natural, lowest fat meats we can find...and go a little more 'meatless' with meals. (Toxins reside in animal fat. Pasture-grazed animal fat is clean fat and unlike conventionally raised animal fats, is actually good for you!)

Pasture-grazed eggs.

Raw Milk-the grand kids don't drink this as their parents aren't convinced of it's safety, but we use it for ourselves as well as to make yogurt. When I make yogurt, I do heat it to 180 because honestly, neither I nor my husband like raw milk yogurt...too runny. So, this, their parents don't mind them eating and we're happy with it, too.
In a pinch or just can't access raw? Or maybe you're 'gun shy' about it? (Fear not, you are not alone!) Maybe try taking a baby-baby step and experiment with Oberweis or another gently pastured milk. In my book, it's not love but it is like. ;0)

Soaked Nuts-great for snacks and as embellishments to yogurt and fruit breakfasts!

As the garden has relinquished its bounty, we create fermented goods, like sauerkraut and oh-so-good salsa, both made according to Nourishing Traditions' recipes.

It looks like we do a lot, but for the most part, these are things that are habit or are made once and not needed to make again for long periods of time.

As much as possible, do organic. I know, I know...the label has quickly turned into something of a compromise in many cases...Geez, the bad guys really do know how to work the loops, don't they? But I also realize, and hope many readers will, too,  that there are a lot of folks who are doing their best to do better and paying for the organic label can be a difficult choice...So, help the 'newbies' stick to it and encourage their choices rather than discourage! We're in this thing together and if we're not, we better readjust our attitudes and make it so or our wheels aren't gonna do a thing but spin in the mud.

~God Bless!

P.S. This post was started many months ago. I have since been involved with a writing project and many handicraft projects. I don't expect to be back here too often, but I hope you continue to stop by and check from time to time. With spring encroaching, we are planning a new 'Back to Eden' bed in a strip along one side of the house that gets a LOT of sunshine. We loved our results with the B2E garden approach last summer and hope to get more bang for our buck this year. And MAYbe, I'll do more canning, too. If I do, I'll try to post...and you can pray I don't blow the house up. ;0)

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