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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Easier than Eggshells! STOP that Indigestion!

We use probiotics. We use probiotics a LOT.
But sometimes, we overindulge.
Sometimes we eat more of the sweet stuff than our family is accustomed to eating.
Sometimes we eat...yes, we do...processed food.

If you ask my opinion...I know you didn't but...It's the processed stuff that makes our intestines twist and shout the most. And MSG.

ANYWAY, it's probably something different for everyone, so the reason doesn't matter so much...especially when you're in the depths of the fire pit...No one really cares where it came from, they just want to make it stop.

Once upon a time, I wrote of a concoction shared by Sarah Pope. It's a home remedy made of eggshells and vinegar that was shared with her. See it here here. I tried it and found it effective, even if I wasn't at all fond of the smell or having to avoid the eggshells. I also felt I needed to keep it hidden from guests and our adult children because it looked like pee in a jar and if I opened it, they'd be truly convinced by the smell that I had walked across the line into the realm of witchcraft...which of course, I never have any intention of doing.

But then, I was on another site...doggone if I remember which one...and it was about other ways to kick indigestion without antacid OTCs. People kept writing in about their complicated antidotes to the problem, but sprinkled throughout, one man kept printing one short and simple sentence:

"Eat an apple."

It went something like this: 

Mary: My way to combat acid indigestion is to, slslslfjer dkerjerij kj afj erijafkkkdf jaeijt kjsf di adoej.Then, I skfkdm akdfjke kfjd kame and aalr aldkr and after that, I slkjl kjk andkr jdk lkj. But I NEVER take OTC acid meds!

Mr. Man: Eat an apple.

Suzie: I like to take soufdimnbv m, ifajdf  akkkrf difjaerojf jeofkjal for my indigestion and I make it by mixing slkjre, and andlafduwier, and aladfdjao and aldfjka and ....

Mr. Man: Eat an apple. 

Jack: I can eat no fat. I'll never eat fat again, it always gives me indigestion, so, I give it all to my wife.

Mr. Man: Eat an apple. 

Jack's Wife: I can eat no lean. If I do, I get indigestion. So, I give it all to my husband.


It tickled my funny bone the way this guy kept bringing it back to his miracle cure. But guess what? The next time I went for the vinegar and eggshell concoction...which I did NOT like but found it worked rather well, I found myself looking over at the apple basket just as I was reaching for the jar. 

This was one of those acid flare-ups caused by overindulgence of food. I was not hungry. The thought of eating was pretty gross to me, if I may say so...but the thought of drinking even a teaspoon of that sulfuric smelling, vinegary 'potion' was at that moment far worse than the thought of biting into an apple. 

So, I did. I bit into the apple. One bite, then I put the rest of the apple in the fridge, knowing NO one in my house is going to take a bite out of an "ABC Apple". (Already Been Chewed)

And you know what? The cranky but endearing old geezer...or at least that's the way I envisioned him for some reason....was RIGHT.

So, now, it's all I do for that problem. 

The End. ;0)

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