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Monday, April 9, 2012

Antacid without the Aluminuminuminuminum

Not only are antacids full of aluminum, they reduce stomach acids needed for digestion...And while we all need to "spell relief" from acid indigestion at times, there are alternatives to least while at home.

But first...What's the problem with aluminum? It accumulates over time, for one thing. When the news first came out that aluminum use can cause health problems, the aluminum industry bent over backwards and successfully talked the public into believing it was a lot of hooey. I was one of 'the public' and I remember. But it's all come full circle and this time around, more people believe the truth than not.

Aluminum is found in our food, in many cooking utensils/supplies, our toothpaste, deodorant, baking soda, water and yes, name a few. And it is a problem, one that harms both bone and brain.

Some of the problems brought about by aluminum accumulation may be:
Muscle aches and weakness, bone pain, speech problems, anemia, osteoporosis, impairment of the kidneys, as well as the digestive, immune and central nervous systems. It can also cause a problem with iron absorption.

The problems that aluminum accumulation can cause with the central nervous system are especially disturbing with symptoms showing up as confusion, headaches, loss of memory, nervousness, heartburn(!), instability, sleep disturbances, loss of coordination and decline of intellect.

There are alternatives to the everyday products we use...Coconut oil is a great deodorant. Tom's brand toothpaste is aluminum-less and we don't have to use aluminum cook-ware or aluminum-filled baking soda...(Read labels!) The convenience of that chewable tablet for heartburn or acid reflux, however, well, it's a little bit harder to get past. But here's something inexpensive that works at least as fast as a seltzer tablet...faster, in fact, because there's no waiting for the tablet to dissolve. If kept in the home, it can be quickly available for those sudden onsets of digestive fire.

Do you use organic eggs from grass-fed chickens? Save a few of the shells, grab your organic raw vinegar and try this little potion:

6 clean eggshells
1 pint mason-style jar
1/2 pint organic raw vinegar (I use Bragg's)

Remove membrane from shells...It's sort of like peeling sunburned skin, only easier.
Crush the shells and put them in the jar.
Pour the vinegar over the shells.
The tonic will be foamy. (Kids may enjoy watching the eggshells inside 'dance' up and down in the jar!)
Screw on lid and store in pantry/cupboard...No need to refrigerate!

It can be used daily as a digestive tonic. Strain 1 Tbs. and put in a full glass of water.
When there's an onset of acid indigestion, take 2 strained Tbs. in a full glass of water.

That's it!

**Although this is the sort of remedy found in many a woman's old cookbook's back page, I first saw it...or a similar version, at The Healthy Home Economist. Sarah Pope's, (Sarah is the author of The Healthy Home Economist), mother-in-law told her about it...And the gift goes on...:)***

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