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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Come Join the Fun...It's a Blog Hop!

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And you may well ask, "What's a Blog Hop?" Basically, it's a viral blog party. You go to a link that you think you'll like, spend time there, perhaps make a new friend or two, hang out with a few older friends, decide how much you like where you are, leave a gift of your own blog link, (up to three per blog on this one if you like), and move on to another.

It's fun, VERY informative, and lends the opportunity to link hands with other bloggers-old and new! And to top it all off, if you leave your own link, you get more traffic to your site as well.

Somebody out there's a genius.

So, scroll dowwwwnnnn....that's right, keep going below this post, and there you'll find it. There are several days left to join, so pass the word and keep on hoppin' and bloggin'!

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