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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Breaking All the Rules for My Most Favorite Guy (DESSERT!!)

Sr. Chief is graduating with a degree in Ministerial Leadership next week. I already started cleaning and planning, planning, planning food stuff. In my head, it's all set. I think.

Except, we need a dessert.

He's worked really hard for several years so we need a REALLY good one. I tried to contact a friend who bakes cakes but she never got back to me which made me think that maybe I'm supposed to come up with something myself, which I usually do for 'family specials', but was thinking to shirk this time around since I have so many other things 'on my plate'.

Well, that was a very short think.

So, I'm on Face Book and I remember a post one of my nieces posted to her dad, (Sr. Chief's brother), asking if they could PLEASE try this delectable looking dessert...And as it turns out, it has everything in it Sr. likes except nuts, and I can fix that.

And I am going to break ALL the rules with this one, so...Get Ready:

Cupcake tins and liners for 24 cupcakes (I'll be doubling this recipe.)
1 box brownie mix*, your choice, made into batter-OR-mix up your own home-made brownie batter.
1 box chocolate (Oreo type) cookies. (And no, I am not making the home-made version of these...I TOLD you I was breaking the rules!!)
Peanut Butter...Your choice of type, including the option of homemade...Be sure it's creamy, though.

...Get Set:
Put the baking cups into the tins.
Take a cookie and spread the top w/peanut butter.
Put another cookie on top of that.
Spread the top of the second cookie with peanut butter.
Put the cookie 'tower' into the lined muffin tins.
Pour batter to cover each cookie.

Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
...and EAT. (In my case, I'll probably see if I can find some little toothpicks w/grad hats on them or something for event-fitting deco.)

That's the original recipe. I'll add walnuts to the brownie batter to make it extra, extra special for my extra special, hard-workin' man. :~)

I have NO IDEA where this came from, but here's the 'gone viral' pic:

*May I humbly recommend Mary Jane's Farm ORGANIC BROWNIES?

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