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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No, I have NOT been on Vacation!

This photo may give an idea of how
part of our camping trip went.
I know it looks like it. It's been an awfully long time since April 27th, the date of my last post. And you'd have every reason to assume so. But no, I have not been vacationing. Nor have I been lazy. I've just been all out, over my head, unbelievably full of OTHER things that just HAD to get done.

And true to my 'get-'er-done' nature, I got 'em done. Well, sort of. Much of my duties come in small human packages and therefore there is no getting them 'done' until school starts in September. So, I have learned to enjoy time spent with them more and do house work and homemade this-and-thats less...for a season.

But I do want to update you a bit, my friends...(You ARE still my friends, aren't you?)

I want to update you with some details of our "Back-to-Eden" garden experiment.

I want you to know about a sudden opportunity that landed me in front of  nearly 70 medical staffers at a recent convention...teaching not only about CPR and AEDs...but something very near and dear to my heart!

I want you to know about bug bands. Do you already know about bug bands?

And how to use moth balls to deter garden pests without poisoning yourself or your family.
       -How to deter blackspot with milk.
       -How to keep mosquitoes at bay in watery areas.

Yes. We did.
-Only ours had no legs.
Oh, and I really want to tell you about our amazing camping trip...(and yes, I do still insist that I have NOT been on vacation!) However, I HAVE been in 'making memories' mode. My personal memories will consist mostly of work, sweat, and storms. And a part of me wonders if I should not be encouraging my grandchildren to create these memories for their own some day...It is just so much work for the adults! But the kids...they do love it SO much. And it wasn't all bad for me, either. I think it's just too recent for me to forget about the sweat. Really. There was lots and lots and lots of it...

...And I'm sure there's other stuff that isn't sitting at the top of my head at the moment but will resurface as I flow back into writing here again. Oh, how I have missed this...

So, how have YOU been? Are you drinking kombucha, tibicos, dairy kefir, raw milk or beet kvass daily? I
My special creamy coconut
hope so. Remember, they help keep your body clean and immune-strong!

Are you remembering to keep clear of margarine and canola oil? How are you doing with coconut oil? Have you tried Bettina's Dreamy Coffee Creamer yet? Oh, you should!

And what about sugars? Have you tried palm sugar yet? It's a great choice and I've heard date sugar is, too. Just remember, all sugar is sugar, even when less processed. However, the palm sugar is touted as causing less insulin spike than others. And I'm really hoping you are trying to back off those fake-sweetened sodas? Or even all sodas and substituting water kefir (tibicos) instead?

And how about dairy kefir smoothies substituted for the typical breakfast or lunch some days? Summer is an excellent time to reinstate them into your diet...Plus they're fast and easy for those days that are packed with summery things to do.

Okay. I'll shut-up, already. Just a little bit of accountability thrown in there. It's not like I can see your guilty looks from here, anyway.
Camping is fun...but afterwards...

And on that note...You can't see mine, either.

~More soon!

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