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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glamper Blues

Remember when I wrote a post entitled, "The Nourished Nana...Twisted"? Well, here is another post 'making good' on that declaration to color out of the lines from time to time. It has nothing to do with food. But the subject matter certainly could...because eating while camping is just plain cool. Maybe I'll tackle some about that at another time.
This post is mostly for my Farmgirl friends over at Mary Jane's Farm...even those I don't know yet. I write with them in focus because I know they'll know what I'm talking about. I write here rather than at their chat, (which if time permits, I may do as well), because I also hope to evangelize some of my other readers and 'stumble-uponers' to the idea of Glamping. (Mary Jane Butters has a book out all about it -it's on my 'Must Get' list- or you can get a taste at the Mary Jane's Farm website.)

See, I have this problem. I love to camp. Hubby and I got an old pop-up because sleeping on the ground is no longer something we relish...(It just seems to get further and further away...the ground, I mean...)

We love our pop-up, and and he's taught me how to set up myself, so with one or two more go's with him, I think I'd be okay to take a short jaunt somewhere not too far away and give it a go, sans man.

I wouldn't mind having a lady friend or two along...It would make set up faster, easier, and the time away more fun. I have found one friend who is willing...I think. (I didn't know I had so many 'powder-puff'' friends!)  ;)

But that's the least of my Glamper Blues. My biggest blue is in the decorating. I have to share the camper, most of the time, with Senior Chief...for those of you who don't know, that's my husband. He is a crusty, lovable guy who served nearly 30 years as a Boatswain's Mate, (the crustiest of the crusty), in the U.S.C.G. And just to be sure there's no misunderstanding, there's no one in this world I'd rather camp with.

But, he doesn't do doilies and lace.

He is good with the re-deco-ing idea for the pop-up, however. Therefore, I need some really great 'how-to' ideas on how to make it something we'll both like.

Four of the reasons we camp...
And whether or not the grandkids like the deco, because of them, it has to be sturdy. Camping with four of our grandchildren..the youngest at the time...proved to be hard physically and mentally (re: planning & organizing) for us, but one of the best memories we've made with them.  So, we plan to do it again.

And again.

Strength and longevity are therefore, important points to consider...and let's remember I'm talking about the camper, not us, even though it does apply to both.

I'm thinking beachy colors to keep the inside feeling larger...Senior Chief's okay with that. What about accessories that I can pull out for use only on 'lady trips'? Ideas there? I also want to make new cushion covers and curtains that aren't so...ugh, blah. But again, not too girly.

Below are some photos of the challenge.

Wish I had better photos of innards...but you get the idea...I think?
This camper has a King bed, a Double (from dining table and benches),
 and a Queen. With grandchildren along, Sr. and I used the Q,
3 girls in the K, and lucky grandson got the double all to himself.
One foundational change Sr. & I have made is to add egg-crate
foam beneath pop-up's original mattresses.
HUGE comfort difference!
Airing out and packing before our trip with grandchildren.
The stove can be mounted indoors easily, but we opted for
outdoors on this trip due to summer heat.
It also gave us a little more interior space.

See outer colors? Very dated, and probably not an easy
fix for now, although I've heard you can purchase
original logos and just keep the retro look. I like that idea. 

Lot's of 'clutter' or so it appears, here...but these photos are
of a trip where we had the 4 grandchildren, so believe it or not,
all the 'clutter' was necessary! But I'd be much more about
'pretties' if it were just myself or myself and some
other gal-friends along.

As you can see, we do have many 'amenities'...A tent 'outhouse',
pop-up attached canopy as well as a screened eating area.

After the kids were tucked in, we had about an hour of 'us' time
The lights helped the kids feel 'safe' inside as the place where we
camped was immersed in TCD...Total Country Darkness.
The next night, however, we unscrewed every other one
 to create a softer glow.
You can e-mail me with ideas or just comment here. I'll see your answers either way. (Answers here will be posted after screening.)
Oops, and one more challenge. The budget is very limited and we do love thrift if your idea includes that, all the better!

It's a true balancing act...hubby's likes, grandkids' needs, my desires...
So...let the fun begin!

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