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Saturday, August 25, 2012

UPdate: Lamb Puffs Revised

Not a clue what this post is talking about, but curious? Read "Something's Wrong With Me...Fall Fever?"  and "The Friendly Little Orb Revolution".


Okay, folks, sorry to report it, but the pressure cooker didn't make one iota of difference. But, using a small amount of my laundry detergent and adding other articles of clothing to the hot water in the washer did.

I also started by using a cold rinse cycle with vinegar and salt to set colors.

ALSO, figured out how to make an actual covering for the puffs. This came about as there was one set I'd made that simply would not felt well or adhere to itself no matter what I did. But I hate waste of material or time and that's what led me to pursue my husband's idea for covering them. Do you have any idea how hard it can be to cover a ball? But the baseball was my 'salvation' and now I'm happy with the results. It's all still 100% wool, other than the thread I use for stitching. They look neater and prettier this way, and there is no concern over unraveling or causing a baby or pet danger.

"Yay!" is my word of the day.

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