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Saturday, September 29, 2012

CHANGE is in the Air!

As the seasons change, so is my, I'm sure, is yours. We all have seasons of change, sometimes they are small, nearly imperceptible changes that unless added together, make little difference in our lives. Then, other times, there may be a single large difference or conglomeration of small ones that make a large difference. Those are the times when we have to make adjustments.

My adjustment is that I am adding a new site because though I have tried to keep my life confined to this single site, it now requires more.

It all started with those sweet little orbs I spoke of a few posts back.

As providence would have it, they became noticed. A big batch of them now sits at Michie Tavern's General Store in their new Virginia Room. Exciting, yes?


I will never not continue with traditional fooding in my home. There are too many goods about it that have benefited my husband and me. Too many 'new ways' that have become the norm for us. But I realise I have veered 'off course' on several occasions and that's not really fair to those of you who come here looking especially for information about traditional food preparation or 'The Weston Price Way'.

I'll still post here.

But I'll also post on my new site, Lambsey-Divey. It's not there yet, but keep checking, because it's coming! There, you will find articles that pertain more to my little lambs...grandchildren, that is...and projects I'm involved in, starting with "Nana's Little Lamb Puffs", but sure to venture out from there. It may include ways to set up a tea party for little princesses, retro recipes for things like "Rainbow Snowball Cake"...with tips on how to 'take it and make it your own', or even how to make your own Lamb Puffs. I hope to set up a way that you may order them from me, and options for scenting them with a variety of essential oils. Hopefully, I'll be adding more woolen creations over time.

It's not that the subject matter generally found here is less important than it was yesterday...but I have already shared so much of what I do, and left you with links to people far superior to myself in these matters below. Here, I do hope to soon share a 'how-to' for home-made soaked grain family loves it and I think you will, too. Still, the postings will most likely be a little farther between than they were in the past. I encourage you to please, please, please continue to visit me and be sure to continue your education in this arena. It's important to your health, your friends' health and the health of your family.

Love and Blessings to each and every one of you!
Cindy, a.k.a., 'Clee', a.k.a., 'Nana'

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