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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Something's Wrong With Me...Fall Fever?

Something's definitely not right. Can I tell you how much I don't give a rip about food these past several days? I know I'm supposed to, having what is supposed to be a food/alternative health blog and all...

...but I. Just. Don't.

All I can think about is "Nana's Lamb Puffs", the name I've chosen to call the dryer balls I spoke of in my last post.

And you know how I was talking about all the canning I was going to do once I got my pressure canner squared away? Well, it's squared away and today I'm pressure cooking, alright.

I had a problem with the wool on my Lamb Puffs adhering to itself even though it's not treated and 100% wool. But it's very textured and ribbed and I think that's why. My husband came up with the brilliant idea of pressure cooking it instead of just washing in hot water in the washer. I had already tried boiling them because I figured maybe the water wasn't hot enough...(We don't keep our hot water really high because we fear child scalds.) But although the smooth ones did beautifully, these look like they could possibly be picked apart by an inquisitive child. Not at all what I'm going for here.

So, we're trying this pressure cooker thing. I sit at my kitchen counter as I wait...making sure the cooker doesn't blow, listening to the white noise of my dehydrator dehydrating some soaked nuts and smelling the corn I have in a pan on the stove top. Jim is barby-ing some little steaks for us tonight...I probably won't eat anything else because the sound of that seems well enough to me! Anyway, it's a peaceful few moments and I'm taking time to thank God for it.

Birthday party tomorrow...Think I'll take along some pancit. Did you know you can use something besides soy when recipes call for soy sauce? Yes! You can! Aminos. I like Coconut Secret's Raw Coconut Aminos. It has 55% less sodium than soy sauce, 100% less soy than soy sauce (Ha ha! thought I'd just throw that one in there), is organic, GMO-free, etc, etc, etc. The best thing to me and my shriveled thyroid, of course, is the lack of soy. Yay! Oh, and you might need to know it tastes every bit as good as soy sauce. This makes me so very happy.

Well, I'll let you know if this thing with the pressure cooker works. Then maybe I'll get back to some good WAPF food, why amino acids are good for us. Oh! And by the way...remember my 'sick' episode? Boy, do I have something amazing to share about that...More later!


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