The Weston A. Price Way

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Thrifty Tree of Knowledge

....I come bearing GOOD NEWS!

It's, BETTER than 'ok'...It's GREAT to be thrifty! ...And perhaps even greater to share what you know about it with whomever wants to know. Being thrifty is not about not spending at all. It's about spending to get the most return for your money. And that's wisdom. And humbly sharing how to do this is a kindness that can help those who seek this kind of knowledge.

With this in mind, be prepared...I have MUCH to joyfully share with you about how we have managed to do well and enjoy, really enjoy, being thrifty.

Check back later this week for a peek at my living room...for starters.
Until then, have a day or two filled with wonderful blessings!

Much love,

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