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Friday, October 23, 2009

Regretting a Promise Made

Well, I promised another blog this week. I knew in my 'knower' that I shouldn't have made such a promise. We never know what tomorrow brings. Still, I'm here...BUT the regrettable part I currently contemplate upon as I watch the birds at the feeder in my garden, is that it won't totally be about what I said it would be about.  I do apologize. I'll give the reason in a bit...

I had hoped to show pictures of pieces of furniture, etc, that bless our living room. The plan was to look them up, (I have done a good deal of this already), and give you an idea of what similar or same items cost retail, or even through eBay. I can't wait to show you the antique china cabinet we purchased for $45.00 at a thrift store. It is identical to another one being sold right now on eBay for a total for $970.00, including shipping!

See, I knew you wouldn't believe it without a picture!

I also want to post a list of local favorite places we frequent to find some of our best buys. The world of thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales has transformed much about the way we live. It has enabled us to develop our own style, deciding for ourselves what works for us. It has also enabled us to be a little less concerned about damage done via the hands of grandchildren. And some of our grandchildren are still preschoolers. And some of our grandchildren currently live in our you get the picture.

Those of you who read this and live locally may want to try some of the locations I give. I'll tell you a little about the people working in each place, too. Those of you living elsewhere may want to try similar stores. And believe me, stores worthy of your patronage are not judged by their outside appearances.

That is why what I share is not only good for those of my 'advanced years', but for those just starting families as well.

And I really am looking forward to showing you.

But for two days now, I've had this little problem. Today it grew larger than yesterday, in fact.

Yesterday, I had a girlfriend come visit. That's not the bad part. That's the good part. The negative area of the day, and the main reason I didn't get the pictures done, is my grandson. He was sick with a fever. While my friend was here, he stayed put in my bedroom playing computer games and watching television. (He is such a sweet boy, and maturing so fast!)

After she left, he was tired of being cooped up and I allowed him to come to the living room where he, necessarily of course, planted himself on the sofa to watch TV. If he hadn't been ill, I'd have made him move while I snapped shots-but I couldn't do that to him yesterday. I could have worked around him, at least taking photos of the other items, but then I'd be back and forth in front of him, changing the lighting of the room and other aggravating things. I thought about how much I would appreciate that were I in his shoes and decided to cancel the picture-taking plans. Later, he did feel better, but by then, it was time to pick up the well ones from school-and that is the usual end of my writing time. I was certain he'd be well enough to return to school today.

But I was wrong. So, today, he shows up with a higher fever than when he arrived here yesterday. And then, another grandchild, one who lives here, came downstairs with her mom who told me she'd been up in the night because of  a fever. So, today, I have two extra bodies in the living room.

Two extra bodies with fevers. My dear Jim went to work with a stomach problem, and at this very moment, I feel I have a stomach problem as well. As my friend, Pooh would say, "Oh, Bother!"

So, no pictures today. I will try hard to have them up by Monday. But no promises. I'm promising myself not to make promises here anymore...Only time will show how well I do at that.

Many HEALTHY Blessings to you!


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