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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nourishing Creativity

Hello Old (and New) Friends!

Some time ago, probably more than once, I made mention of the truth that the nourished life consists of more than just food. More than that, it consists of more than how we source it, raise it ourselves or even prepare it.

I want this place, this spot where you come to read, to be a place that offers ideas for the latter...of course I do! But the nourished life must contain things that nourish holistically...And I'm not trying to impart a New-Agey, hocus-pocus feeling to my blog in saying that. I simply mean it's important that we feed our spirits, our minds, our bodies and even the best of our emotions.... For the most part, I'm thinking we need to starve all things linked to hatred except where it pertains to the enemy of our souls -(laser beams directed toward evil, right?)- and injustices toward others. Yet, even this latter needs to be under close supervision and guarded by a forgiving heart.

And somewhere within the equation, feeding our creative side is included. (I believe that would be a blend between mind and emotions, yes?)

That said...

I'm not discussing food today.

I'm discussing a project.

See, Sr. Chief and I found this delicious piece of furniture on the side of the road. Yes. On the side of the road. It's a Hoosier cabinet. It still has the old hardware-even glass knobs,  the flour sifter, the roll-top cubby and, yes, even an old Coca-Cola bottle opener on the side.And the bottom right-hand drawer is a bread box.

Like...HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!????

It's been painted over-badly, twice.
But we have plans, big plans, for this baby.

Flour sifter-in working order!

If you're here for nourishment regarding food today, sorry. I can only offer food for the imagination. And just so ya'll probably be a little series because projects like this don't happen in a day.

So, I'll share pics of our 'before' and take you along, if you like, on our journey toward 'after'.

Today, the hardware was removed. Next, the entire piece will be cleaned w/warm, soapy water. I've already started that. And as soon as I finish here, I am going to implement the following...


...'This Old House' has online instructions how to remove old paint from hardware WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR ELBOW GREASE! All that's needed is a crock pot, water and a little dish detergent. Oh. And time. If it makes it as easy and toxic-free as they claim, I'm in for a little bit of 'wait' time.


Obviously, we wouldn't be researching how to remove paint from hardware unless we wanted to keep the original hardware. Still, after removing the paint, we want to re-paint it w/appliance enamel, or at least a high-gloss paint (spray). My hope is to find a lovely seafoamy green color.The whole plan could change if we discover brass hardware, but from what we can fathom so far, it's least, we know the screws are.

Sr. Chief removed the back board, too. I will paint that, I think, in a seafoam green as well. The rest will be done-again, I think- in either a pale, but cheerful yellow or white....either will be given the appearance of age via chalk paint techniques. I will protect it with a spray varnish...satin finish, I think. Regardless of the color and finish choices, the entire piece will be painted, inside and out, as it has the smell of a smoker's home at the moment...something we didn't really realize until we brought it in from the fresh outdoors. But that little detour would never have been enough to make me not want to put my hand to the task.

I may, or may not, stencil a floral design on the doors...not sure yet. I love stenciling, but I don't want to overdo it, either.

We will not be painting all the hardware, however, as the glass knobs absolutely must look! They will be cleaned and given new brass screws. All the hardware will be blessed, in fact, with new brass screws's something more to be said for 'salvaging'. Several weeks ago, Sr. Chief found a thick pine table top. No legs. He was certain he could put it to use. Me? Not so much. But it's his garage, just like my kitchen is, well my kitchen. We both allow each other entry and even fun within, but we both know whose domain belongs to whom.

So, guess where he plans to use the table top? And when he pulled it out and showed it to me again, as I had remembered he had it, but not remembered what it looked like; I agreed that it would be a marvelous counter-top for our baking cabinet. The grain is already beautiful and he will make it gorgeous, not only aesthetically, but functionally, as he always does.

You see, the only part missing is the counter-top, but Sr. Chief  knew from the first time he laid eyes on the piece, he could fix it. I have complete confidence in him.

Yep. I am certain our creative sides will respond positively to the nourishment received via this project.


Later, I think I'd like to talk about why so many of us love to rejuvenate things. I have this hunch that takes me beyond the mere nourishment of my own creative side...  ;0)

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