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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Natural Foods Can Jump Start Slumbering Sex

Has your bedroom activity become a matter of putting away laundry and sleeping?

Well it's nearly spring, so let's give those bed springs a little more bounce...with just one more facet of the mighty coconut.

I didn't know it until this week, but it turns out coconut water is an aphrodisiac.

I found out, indirectly, through my church. Yes, you read that right. My church. (I keep telling people how great it is there...)

No, it's not a 'weird' church. It's a real church. And in that church leadership recognizes the need for good friends-the kind that stick through thick and thin, and they also realize that Christians need shoulders...others' help them through the thick, AND they acknowledge that in a large group of people it's difficult to truly connect with such friends by merely visiting to hear someone speak once a week. (Well, you know what I mean, there is actually a whole lot more going on than just listening to someone speak. But hopefully, you get the idea) ...So, we have Life Groups. Some call them Cell Groups. Home Groups. Pick one, the name doesn't really matter because the idea's the same across the board.

So...that said, the group I'm currently in focuses on marriage. My hubby and I, as well as the leaders of the group, are the oldest and longest married of the group. When I say 'oldest', I mean by about twenty to thirty years. Some of these 'kids' were in kindergarten when we married! But they're not really kids, they're young adults with heavy schedules and full lives. They're hungry for God and wisdom and they really do seek to love one another Jesus' way. I find that...Oh. So. Encouraging.

And they're fun, too! They never fail to make me laugh...not at them, with them.

But this week, we're talking sex, according to the e-mail we got from our leaders. They sent us a link, too, so we can study about foods that help get the ho-hum out of the bedroom. When we meet, the host is making an 'aphrodisiac soup' and all the rest of us are bringing sides, but the catch is, the sides must include foods on the aphrodisiac list.

Pretty cool, huh?

So, I decided to do the coconut water...with a spin. If fermenting beverages using a SCOBY exponentially increases nutritive content, then I can't help but wonder what it will do to the aphrodisiac effect of coconut water?

You see where I'm going here? Can't hurt, right? So, I'm making "Coconut Water Tibicos".

So, the way I see it is, we all get there, talk sex, (truth is, I plan to listen), and eat aphrodisiac foods.

If I were a betting woman, I'd bet it's going to be one really short meeting.

And here is the real reason you've suffered through my musings...

I'll let you know how it turns out.

(...And I know you know that ain't happenin'...I leave that kind of stuff to Dr. Daniels.)
Want to make my Coconut Water Tibicos 'Love Potion'? Come back next post...See ya there!

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