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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soy & Sex-What Next? Learn, Laugh & Love Better with Dr. Kaayla Daniel

I know I have written recently about the dangers of soy, but Dr. Kaayla Daniels with her extensive knowledge and ability to communicate, does it so much better than I, that I just have to point you in her direction. She does not lean towards 'preachiness' as I know I tend to do, (sorry about that), but especially in her writing, comes across with educational illustrations that will at times elicit true gut-laughter.

In this video, Dr. Daniel, "The Naughty Nutritionist", is quite serious, but her writing portrays a lighter side as she uses humor, sometimes a little bit of naughty humor, to zing across the truth about what soy is doing to our babies, children, and our men & women's ability for intimacy, desire for intimacy, and even commitment levels. I am going to give several links, among them, links to her articles. These do not have profanity, but they do sometimes have suggestive phrases. It's not something you'll want to read aloud to your children, and yet, the Christian reader will surely see yet another tactic against the human race by the enemy of our souls. The non-Christian may not see that deeply or even agree, (and Dr. Daniels does not speak of this at all, it is my personal observation), but will still come away much enlightened about the detriments of soy...processed, non-fermented soy in particular. (Which is what we mostly find and in more foods than many of us realize.)

If you don't know of Dr. Kaayla Daniel, PhD, CCN, and comedienne/entertainer/writer extraordinaire, hang on to your hats...or maybe I should say, knickers. I don't think I could ever bring attention to the problem of soy to the extent this lady does...and from a SOLID base. Here's her bio, and you won't hurt my feelings if you just want to dance around her website for a while...Just remember who sent ya!

Dr. Daniel's book, The Whole Soy Story, has won the global accolades of  medical doctors, nutritionists and scientists who know she speaks the truth. See more about it here.

...And her 'Rated PG' articles here. (My rating.)

Dr. Daniels is now on World of Women Radio as 'The Naughty Nutritionist'.

See my other, more extensive post about soy: Soy, Babies and Beyond.

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