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Friday, June 15, 2012

What I am Doing While I'm Not Doing (Living Through Illness-Part 2)

Healing Music (FREE) 

Before I jump in, let me share that I am sharing my 'stuff' because maybe someone out there will feel less alone if they are assured that there are others of us out here that in spite of our most grandiose efforts, find ourselves without energy for periods of time. And most of us are the sort of folks that have full plates and HATE, HATE, HATE to slow down.

MAYBE, something I share here will help you. Maybe not...This has, in the past, been a site wholly devoted to nutrient-dense, whole food type eating. But time and circumstances have changed things a bit, and that won't always be the subject matter here anymore.

Why? Because healing is more than food.
Healing does NOT start with Body.
Healing starts with Spirit, and that flows into Soul and Body.

Am I saying that if your body is broken, so is your spirit? I am not so bold as to state that difinitively...but as I do believe it was God who led me to understand more about how we feed this temple he gave us, I have to consider, deeply consider, the strong connection between spirit and physical health.

Deep calls unto deep and the deeper we go, the deeper He draws...

New Age? Heck, no! I am so NOT about that. BUT at the same time, I have seen some pretty keen and effective methods of natural medicine come into play that some might call 'New Age' and that the New Age Movement might try to take claim for. The truth is, some of these methods tie in directly to how God has created our bodies and has absolutely nothing to do with some mystical source...I'm learning to stay strongly away from all things that attempt to take glory from God, while at that same time, not throw the baby out with the bath water....hence, I do believe in bare-footing...a term I have given to what many others call 'Earthing', which to me, sounds like a term invented to give the natural act of going barefoot a mystical sound. God created electricity, electric currents, the water, the earth, our skin and the electric currents we now know travel throughout our bodies. (Well, duh. Ever heard of the Central Nervous System??) You can place either term in my search box, by the way, if you want to know more about this natural way of feeling better.

So, right now, keeping on track with the fact that the spirit is of utmost importance to our health, I want to recommend Soaking Music. The "Soaking Music" link I have added at the top and bottom of the page will take you to Julie True's website. You can buy your own soaking CD's or because she knows the importance of sharing God's healing, you can just sit quietly and FREELY stream her music through your computer. In fact, I am right now.

So, to end, let me share with you the other things I am doing to rejuvenate.

Reading healing Scriptures from the Bible every day. A friend who was told she'd not walk without pain ever again...was basically given up on by her medical doctors, gave me a copy of the healing Scriptures she's looked up on her own at that time. For two years, she read them in the depth of the long, painful nights. Sometimes, her husband would softly play the guitar while she read, or if she was feeling too badly, he would read the Scriptures. (I believe it is important to read them aloud whenever possible.) It took two years, but her 'unimprovable' body improved until she was fully recovered. And today, kayaking with her husband is a favorite passtime!

RESTing. This is an area where my heart hurts for those who cannot rest as I have been blessed with being able to do. This is SO important. If you are a mommy, please try to get help, as much as possible, if you are dealing with an illness that leaves you fatigued. Fatigue is the first indicator of sickness. If you must work full or part-time, let co-workers know what you are experiencing and that this can be a long process torwards healing. If you can, try to find a different position at work that will allow you to do less. When home, do only what must be done to get by. Dirty floors and dust can wait or if you are blessed with a Church that cares, friends that care, family that cares, perhaps they will come in once a week and help with those things...or maybe help with meals. Swallow your pride and ASK FOR HELP. Be patient with the impatient spouse. Most of them are great for about a week, then they think you're supposed to be better and sometimes, that's just not the way it works....Which leads to...

COMMUNICATING. Let those who care know how you are. When people offer to help, take them up on it. Don't worry about whether or not they meant it when they asked if they could do anything to help. If they didn't really mean it, they'll do it for you this time and not ask again...but at least you got it done this time around!

Saying "NO" to "GO". If, like me, you are bedridden for a portion of every day during your recovery, you won't find this part extremely difficult...You just won't have the energy. But once you start to improve, it will be more difficult, not only because you feel better, but because (believe me) as others near you see you are fairing better, they will want you to continue on your old course of 'doing'. Don't. Take short rides for a change of pace if your spouse is agreeable to that...and with the understanding that at any given moment, you may have to say, "Sorry, time to go home." LISTEN to your body and obey. God made it intelligently and it knows what's best for itself.

PACEing. In my case, I wake up feeling fine, if a little tired, but at least, feverless. As I wait for my thyroid to readjust, I have to understand that the fever tends to come in the afternoon, complete w/exhaustion, aches and pains...Just like having the flu. At first, when I thought it was a virus, I tried really hard to deal with the fever, not taking OTCs, but just letting the heat rise...and even trying to aid it by hot baths. (The baths were the only way I could get warm!). But eventually, when the temp would rise, after several agonizing hours, to between 101 and 103, I would take Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Usually within 30 minutes, the fever would begin to break and for the next hour or three, I'd be one big sweat bomb. If in bed, nightclothes and sheets would become soaked.
Whatever YOUR body's 'schedule', learn it. Listen for changes. Don't feel guilty for spending time paying attention to how your body feels. THEN, don't feel guilty for heeding its warnings.
Tiredness means you need to rest.
Tiredness means you need to rest.
Tiredness means you need to rest.

I have learned there is a certain feeling I get when the tiredness is about to 'come on' me. I don't know if it's when my thyroid is pumping out too much juice, or what, but it's a general malaise that I have learned to listen to and slow down.

Today, I was able to water the back yard plants. We have a lot, so this was a big feat for me that took about an hour. That's a bit longer than my norm, but my norm is fast walking, this was grandma slow. Other than come here to write, I haven't done another thing but help my husband in discussion for a sermon he is writing, (school project), pick up a little in the kitchen, and lie on my back in bed.

Allowing myself QUALITY OF LIFE: I think we 'do-ers' have a great problem with guilt. I had to tell all 3 of my children that I cannot provide care for their children for the next few weeks. I can't tell you how terrible that made me feel. I actually had to pep-talk myself out of the guilt! Then, when I had a really good morning and my husband drove me over to the beach where I sat with my feet in the water, I felt guilty for enjoying it so much! Enough already! If I don't take the time and whatever measures needed to recover, I will never be helpful to my children...I WANT wellness, so I have to be tough on myself by allowing myself to be gentle with myself!
ALSO, unless diabetes or another chronic condition dictates otherwise, eat whatever the heck you want. Your body will only allow you to take so much in, but try to listen to what it wants. A few times during this mess, I only wanted water. I was probably dehydrated from a sweat session...but if that's all my body wanted, that's all I took in. Other times, I've wanted ONLY mashed potatoes with gravy and southern cooked green beans. Another time, lima beans with butter and salt. I have wanted very little meat, and I suppose that's because my body knew the energy it would take to digest it...and energy has definitely not been on the expendable list. My Natureopathic Doctor has taught me that when we have cravings, there is a reason...the body needs something from the things we crave. Unfortunately, the things we crave are often sweets and carbs because our bodies need energy. Sweets and carbs are not the best source of energy, but it's good to know there is a reason behind our madness. Sometimes when we know, we can made better choices...If we crave energy, there are some easy beverages that can be made in our own kitchens. One is so easy, my husband even made it when I was unable to do so. I will share the recipe link below.
And lastly, quality of life has equated to my succumbing to the taking of Tylenol or Ibuprofen once or twice a day. This is MY quality of life choice, not yours. You decide what makes the life you have better. For me, I found this takes hours of suffering out of my day and that makes me feel that my body is better rested and better able to recover.

Trying NEW THINGS: My N.D. introduced my husband to another more direct source of electrical 'pulsing' and he thought it helped with his 'ailment'. We read up on it and its inventor and found much of what he said to be quite fascinating and grounded in truth. There was another device he had also invented that sounded like it might help me feel better, and our N.D. also has that in her office. So I asked last week if I might try it. I went in after visiting my M.D, and it was afternoon so I was starting to feel pretty bad already. It's only a 20 min. procedure, so I was basically in and out. I had so much going through my head that I really didn't think about the device until later, when I realized my energy had increased, rather than decreased, with the remainder of the day. In fact, I thought this 'thing' had actually passed. I cannot say for sure that this was the reason, but I am going back next week to see if it happens again. If it does, I may have to save up for one of my own because it will be worth every penny. EVEN if it doesn't create cure, it's possible it creates quality...and that's a very good thing. I will give more on this if I am more convinced next week.

FRESH AIR & SUNSHINE: Everyday if possible. There is something therapeutic in the Earth our God has created for us...even in the colors. I am sure there is much more than we have touched upon in science. I have learned to finally use the hammock I asked for and got for my birthday 3 years ago! You know who used it most before now? The grandkids. My husband has also set up the lounge chair out by the pond with an umbrella. In my room, if I know it's gonna be a long bout in bed, I position myself on the END of the bed because from that position, I can see outside. As long as I can, I will keep the windows open or at least cracked so I can hear the birds during the day and the pond frogs at night. Regarding the bedroom, we have removed the cafe curtains, (I do have blinds), so I have a greater outside view. A few people have sent flowers and I keep them in my room. They not only brighten it, but the fragrance is like a florist's shop. With the help of my husband on a better morning, I changed sheets from brown to white, and bedspread to a lighter color. Cleaned the edges of the fan blades...You know, the things you stare at while flat on your back in bed. These are things a good friend could help with as well.

Distract. I cannot, as yet, pray all day. Or read about how to make myself better. O watch the birds fly by the window. This brain needs some distraction. For me, this has come in small bouts as I play 'Words With Friends' on my little, non-cumbersome NOOK, a Christmas gift. I also play a little Majhong, a matching game, and I intentionally keep it set on 'Easy' level  because my brain's not looking for a marathon, just a little exercise. Sometimes, it comes in phone conversations, but for the most part, I've found those too draining. I am reading simple, Christian fiction books, the type that normally would aggravate the dickens out of me because I KNOW how they're going to end...but in my state, I don't mind. And sometimes I watch some TV but not much because I don't want to fill my brain with bad pictures and it's really hard to stay away from crap on TV...even the commercials are full of nightmare material. So, it's stuff like Andy Griffith for me, or a really happy love story. I know none of this is appealing when the fever's in full gear or the sweats are threatening to drown me in my own water, but when I am in bed due to fatigue alone, alternating sleep and distraction do seem to help.


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