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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sickness Revealing Healing (Living Through Illness-Part 1)

It's good to be here, but I don't know how long it will take me to write this post...In fact, I think I'll just keep coming back to it as I have energy.

You see, your Nourished Nana has been...sick. Yes, sick. Very sick.

Sick enough that I was discouraged about the last several years' studies in food. Sick enough that I was very concerned about any false encouragement I may have passed on from this site. Sick enough that I sought the Lord even more...not just for my healing, but for the reason, and any fault of mine, in this madness.

Well, He heard. He listened. He allowed me the contemplation time about what I can do differently in regard to HIM and then, using conventional and alternative doctors, He showed me that this sickness is connected to the healing of a chronic condition that by conventional understanding, just doesn't heal 'on its own'.

Sounds crazy, but I am temporarily disabled because something in my body is healing. I do not yet know if it's my thyroid, if it's my adrenals, if my Lord has done what I've been told is a 'Re-creative Miracle'...I may not fully know for several months, or ever for that matter.

But I DO know this:

It is not a virus, which they thought in the beginning.
It is not bacterial.
My diet did not cause it...Well, maybe it did, but if so, only because it has benefitted the health of the organs in need.
It was not stress-induced.
God answers prayer.

And no matter what, I need less thyroid medication today than I did a month ago...and most likely, quite a bit longer than that as this 'ailment' is purely caused by TOO MUCH thyroid replacement medicine.

Well, that's about all I'm up for today...In spite of the good news, I am currently low on energy and it drains with the day. I'm trying to honor my body's cry for rest. More next time.

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