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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Summary...Have Time to Catch Up?

You can congratulate me...or maybe better, my husband. He just finished training me, (not the world's best closed-mouth student), in First Aid after re-training and re-certifying me in CPR/AED. The whole process took several days because of little interruptions, and I earned a pulled back muscle as a prize...but at last it's done AND I passed the tests with no misses! Yay! Next I train in Wilderness First Aid and as an instructor...Then off to 'boot camp' in Vegas.

We are in a major transition in our lives. I think it's a good one. I'm expecting it to be a good one. But you know how transitions are. Sometimes you'd rather just cut to the chase and forget all the adjustments that naturally come along with transitioning.

I want you, dear readers, to be aware of this because I just can't promise that I will be super-consistent with posting. Oh, I want to be, believe me! I have such a passion for 'revelation living'! (Re-adjusting thinking and living according to what is being or has long been revealed as truth in our spiritual, food/diet, health/medical and eco- systems.) It's what the world calls 'holistic', but for us, it's just realizing that being who we claim to be as followers of Christ, is less about going to church on Sunday and more about how we live out our claims in every other corner of our existence.

I fail more than I want you to know. But I haven't quit yet. I have quit some things, some thought patterns, some activities, and even some wishes and dreams. But I haven't quit Jesus. I hope I never do.

It's not the easy road, that's for sure, but for whatever reason, we've never quite gotten our feet used to that path. Seems like we're always traveling the road a little less traveled. Sometimes I wish it weren't so-I think sometimes folks feel threatened by people like us and that can make us have to work extra hard to show that we LOVE them. We do not condemn those who eat differently, don't like chickens, forget their reusable bags at the grocers...No, we don't and never will. (I can't help but wish that worked both ways, though.)

We do get angry at those who know the truth, make money from the lies and propaganda, have the power to fix it-stop it even-and won't.  Oh, well, we've tried doing things 'normally', but it just never quite works out. We're too old now to keep asking what's wrong with us, and I believe we've learned to just do what we believe God's showing us to do. I know that can sound a little weak in the face of all those who have hurt others with the excuse that God told them to, and I'm certainly not here to debate about that... Oh, I grow so weary of such useless discussions...Can we not find ground on which we can all love one another? I mean it. It is the most wonderful and yet hardest of all things, this loving truly. We really want to, don't we? But we all fall short. In my beliefs, no...convictions, it is here that I fall heavily upon God's grace and thank Him much for it.

I am grateful, at least, that we are kindred spirits, my dear Jim and I. I knew nearly from the start of our knowing one another, before I even knew Jesus, that Jim and I were meant for one another-that he was a precious gift to me, one I never deserved. He says the same of me. But I'm more right in this than he is.

Okay, I know you didn't come here expecting to hear that...Believe me, I didn't come here expecting to write it!

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Happy Reading and Many Blessings!   ~xoxo~

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