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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Summary...Missed a Post? Catch-Up Here!

A great way to end the week is with a review of the week...This works along many facets, so why not here?
If you've been away and missed a post, or perhaps this is your first viewing of  "The Nourished Nana", take a few minutes to relax and peruse this week's posts. This is a new format for me, and as I posted on Facebook when I presented the plan, I'm not sure how long I'll be able to pull it off. But, it's a goal.

Starting next week, Mondays will be, "Sail-Away Monday"...because I get to write about whatever 'floats my boat.' ;0)

TODAY it's "Saturday Summary"...

Watch for "Simple Sunday Funnies"...tomorrow!

Have a beautiful Easter tomorrow as you contemplate the depth of the Sacrifice and the magnitude of the victory of Jesus. And, if you don't know Him...maybe you'll consider giving Him the opportunity to show you how much He really does love you? I'm hoping so.

~Many Blessings,

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