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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Superfood Wednesday!

Welcome to Superfood Wednesday, where I will attempt to share with you what I have learned about Superfoods according to the information I learn from the Weston A. Price Foundation and those following the precepts taught by WAPF.

Today, we won't discuss specifics, however, because I want to first acquaint those as yet unacquainted with what, exactly, a 'superfood' is.

If you have read any of the information in the page tabs at the top of this post, you know that Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world in search of healthy non-industrialized people groups. He found them, too...and scientifically backed studies of this group brought about revelation that became the foundation of today's pure/clean food revolution.

No one knows exactly why, but even in primitive societies, food with concentrated nutrients have been highly sought after and valued. There were no science teams, no equipment or written record-keeping skills. And yet, these people knew the foods that would keep them in optimum health. Indeed, this was so until some left to join the industrial world. Inevitably, those that returned would do so with diminished health.

Primitive peoples knew, whether by word of mouth or 'instinct', we really don't know, that foods high in fat-soluble vitamins were good for them. They didn't know the foods they were eating had fat soluble vitamins...They just knew things like fish eggs, organ meats, soaked grains, (Yes, they soaked their grains!), and specific herbs were good for their strength, their children, for fertility, stamina and overall wellness.

The foods we consider to be 'superfoods' are those that naturally contain nutrients important to our health. They could, I suppose, be considered supplements, like vitamins, only  far better because, let's face it, God-created is always better than man-created. Man-made vitamins often pass straight through the body with very little actual assimilation. God-made foods have components within them that actually cause that specific food to be more easily absorbed, and thus, used by the body.

Why superfoods? Can't we get everything we need from good, clean foods without adding supplements? Well, yes, we can. But as the adage goes, "Nobody's perfect." Even the most food-conscious blunder from time to time. And I know I still do quite often. In fact, I do my best to eat well while I'm home because I know there will be many occasions when I'm away from home that nutrient-dense foods will not be available to me. I am a Southerner at heart, and that part of me hates to make others around me uncomfortable, especially regarding the issue of food. So, I write about it, I eat the best I can, and unless someone asks in public, I keep my mouth shut...and when they do ask, I try my best to be gracious in my answer. Honey is a very good attractant.

Rambling, yes? Okay, back on track...Let's suppose we know a person who eats perfectly all the time...(I think I may know one)...That person cannot be sure that food ingested was grown in non-depleted soil, or even that none has been touched by additives, sugars, pesticides, refined carbs, or rancid vegetable oils. So, this is the person who could use superfoods...Could that be you?

Or perhaps, you are convinced to try to eat as prescribed by the Weston A. Price Foundation, but there are some habits/foods you don't want to let go...smoking, alcohol...and Starbucks. You need superfoods that help rid your body of toxins, or refill your body with nutrients depleted by these habits.

I will start by explaining all the superfoods listed in Nourishing Tradtions. I have not taken them all, but I will tell you what is said of their value even if I haven't tried them as yet. We do regularly use probiotics, cod-liver oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil as a part of the cod-liver oil. In addition, due to an absence of most of my thyroid gland, I also take kelp and try to eat seafood at least once a week.

So, you've had advance notice and next week, we will begin to explore superfoods, one at a time, in more depth.

Since my husband and I both take it every day, I believe I'll begin with cod-liver oil. There are some surprises about that...

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