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Monday, April 22, 2013

One of God's Most Nutrient-Dense Gifts!

Friends are some of life's most cherishable foods!
Today I indulged in one of God's greatest gifts to mankind...or in my case...womankind.

A girlfriend. A very special girlfriend. This is a relatively newer one but I've known almost from the first time I met her that she was a woman who could become dear to my heart.

And she has.

She's real and honest. Frank about herself, and frank about the kindest way. She loves Jesus, like I do, which makes for the deepest sort of friendship because it's a like-minded one way down deep where the Spirit lives.
But she'll say things she shouldn't, sometimes, and so will I, and we'll love one another all the more for our fallibility.

I hope you have a friend like mine. I believe God gives them as very special gifts. They are rare, these truly rare as the best cut diamonds. And as valuable. No, that's not true. They are waaaayyy more valuable.

I didn't realize I'd grown to love my friend as much as I have until I was nearly at her home today, on my way home from an errand that took me in her direction. But I did start to understand as I neared her home...I suddenly discovered a kind of leaping within my belly. Why, I was joyfully anticipating this visit!...a visit which we had arranged only the night before, when I found I was going to have some extra kiddos that I'd been wanting her kiddos to meet and my Monday milk pick-up was going to be near her house. And even though she's busy, EVEN THOUGH she homeschools and her hubby works at home and probably at least 100 other 'even thoughs', she opened her doors, her arms, her time and her heart to me and mine.

Oh, Father in Heaven, thank you! I was so blessed to spend time with her.

The timing was perfect. I've been stressed and dealing with hormonal crap, (Yes, I called it crap because that's exactly what it is.), and close to tears on several ocassions over the past several days and Sr. Chief is wonderful to the max, but sometimes girls just need girls. And in my case, it wasn't a matter of just any old girl. It needed to be someone I believed was interested in my welfare. And I know that I know that I know...she is.

And I know that I would be just as thrilled if she were to call tonight and say, "Can I come play at your house tomorrow?" The answer would surely be a resounding, "Yes!"

So, forget the food today...or tomorrow...and dig into one of God's most nutrient-dense gifts. Friendship. A good few hours with a good few laughs with a really good friend is worth a week's worth of nutrient-dense eating.

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