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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Break Time!...and This Thing About Hair...
In an effort to round out this place -to make it more about more of life- I have expanded the content to areas like gardening, barefooting, a few natural remedies-with hopefully more to come, a little bit about my Christian walk, tea parties, thriftiness...Well, ALL those things that help round out life and make it more exciting and bright. Because really, health is not just about food or exercise, is it?

Tonight, I am taking a break. Breaks come into play when we're talking about helping our health, too. We know that without rest, the body cannot properly assimilate even the most nutrient-dense diet. I believe most who come here also realize that rest includes more than physical rest...It surely includes brain breaks as well.

Sometimes, brain breaks come in the form of sleep. Other times, in the form of daydreaming. And still others, from entertaining diversion- a movie, perhaps, or a simple novel or even "Angry Birds" game...or maybe something else...

...Like a night when hubby's studying or going to school...
...And all the grown-up and grand-children are in their own nests...
...And I am eating a sandwich instead of cooking.

Those times don't come often around here, but when they do, I indulge in that different kind of rest...The one in which a tub of hot, Neutrogena-oiled water beckons, and my music for Easter beckons, and my roots beckon...

...Um, that would be the roots of my hair.

You see, I've tried to tell ya...I'm not all in on all the health areas of my life yet. So, I still color my hair, but there's a really good reason for that above and beyond maybe looking younger. BECAUSE, I really do believe that white hair is a crown, just like the Bible says.

But, although I keep trying to get to that point of 'gray's totally okay'- and as I said, I really do believe it is- I just can't seem to get across the chasm from blond to black and white...I DON'T KNOW HOW to do it gracefully.

I mean, do I plunge in and color all my hair brown, then let the color wear off to show the gray? I might actually be okay with that, but wouldn't that blond-to-brown thing be shocking to more than myself?

HOW is this thing done gracefully?

I have a lot of questions about how to grow older with grace...I'm praying for mentors. I don't mind doing it, but I think I need someone to help me do it well...and my mother is not here to fill that role.

(NO. You did NOT really think
this is the same blond of
30 years ago, did you??)
So, tonight all those little indulgences are calling me, and until someone (anyone out there??) shows me a better way that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, I guess I'll continue to fall back on my little bottle of Clairol. But I have to say, it's not without some amount of protest, because if I were really to go all-out on my mini-vacation evening, the only bottle involved would have something tasty in it.

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