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Monday, July 16, 2012


It's hot. REALLY hot around here...days are in the nineties and even triple-digits. Odd for July, but then, what's not odd weather-wise these days? Everyone wonders. Many don't want to discuss their thoughts on the matter too deeply.

But, it is what it is and while it is, we seek ways around the discomfort and one of the MOST pleasurable methods is swimming.

But there's the stuff we have to do to our pools to keep ourselves safe from the ills of this world and since our skin IS an organ and chlorine can harm that organ as well as be absorbed through that organ, it would be best to convert, at least our backyard pools, to saltwater. No eye or skin burn and so much better health-wise.

But what of those, like myself, who have not the economy for it this year?

Logically, if you live near salt-water, go there as much as possible instead...Yes, I DO know about stinging nettles, jelly fish, etc, etc, and that is exactly why there is a pool in my back yard.

For us, the best solution is the rinse solution...well, maybe not an entire solution, but a help.

Sort of like shampooing without the 'lather well'...It simply goes like this:


I recommend taking breaks from swimming, much as they do at public pools. They do so every half hour or so...I like the 15-20 min. breaks. During the break, have kids rinse well all over. Do so again when the swimming's done.

It's not a salt-water solution, but it's better than not rinsing at all...saves wear on bathing suits, too.

And as for that fantastic babe in the of our grandchildren, the latest one, in fact. We only use the baby pool for her. Fill it just enough for her to splash, with no bleach or any other additives...It's already clean and so is the water in the pool . We hose the water in the pool in the a.m. so it gets warm enough for a baby to enjoy by afternoon. When we're done, we water the grass or flowers with the 'leftover' water. It's not wise to keep it for three pee, bacteria and mosquito larvae.

It's all good. It's all fun...Think I'll go for a little dip before dinner....

We do WHAT we can AS we can...remember? ;~)

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