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Friday, March 23, 2012

Making a Kombucha SCOBY Motel

It just doesn't get any easier.

Here are the tools:  Scissors, small jar, biscuit/cookie cutter, kombucha SCOBY.
I took the large SCOBY from my crock. It had formed several layers, so I separated about a quarter inch layer off of the whole, replacing the whole into the kombucha crock and keeping the thinner layer to make 'babies'.

Using the biscuit cutter, I made an indention in the SCOBY. I used the indention as a guideline for cutting with the scissors. The SCOBY was large enough to allow me to make several of the 'baby' circles, as the one above. (It's the jelly-fish looking thing beside the biscuit cutter.)

Put the 'baby' SCOBY in the clean jar.

Fill the jar with kombucha from the crock, twist on the lid and find a shady, cool spot to store the jar. The back of a lower cupboard is good. I used to use the fridge, but found that it's not necessary. Just don't put the jar in a warm spot as the SCOBY will grow.
In the future, more SCOBYs may be added to the same jar, if desired.
Don't worry that these are small...Remember, the SCOBY will grow and conform to the shape of the vessel it's in. So, put this little 'baby' in a crock of sugared tea, and with just a little fermentation time, it will fill the entire surface space.

And just WHY would we ever want to do this? Because we have friends. And because when our friends find out about and taste our kombucha, they're likely to want some themselves.

"This is the way we share our kombucha, share our kombucha, share our kombucha.
This is the way we share our kombucha...
Early in the morning!"

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