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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FYI: Yours Truly to be Published in Mary Jane's Farm!

Hi, Friends!

I guess it's time to spill the beans here...your 'Nourished Nana' is going to be published in two issues of Mary Jane's Farm!

Of course, I'm excited, and of course, I can only give the tiniest details, BUT it's about fermented beverages...I'll let you guess which ones. The first will come out in the April/May issue and the second will come out in the June/July issue.

By the way, it's a great time to introduce yourself to Mary Jane's Farm. It's my absolute favorite magazine. It's for farm girls. But not farm girls who live on a farm, necessarily. It's more about that farm girl heart. The pioneering spirit. The love of things home-made and lovingly done. I think you'd like it.

You may be surprised to find that Mary Jane's Farm also promotes processed foods. But minimally processed with good, organic ingredients. It's the kind of thing you put in the pantry for those crazy, out of this world days when...They all STILL want to eat. (What's wrong with them, anyway!?)

I tell you this so you won't be surprised. I haven't tried their foods yet, but they have a good reputation and I wouldn't be adverse to having a bit in my own pantry...just sayin'!

Anyway, I added MJF to my links below. You should go. Look. Read...You are so going to love it, I bet!

(If you're interested in the picture as a card, go to!)

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