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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Perfectly Imperfect Kitchen

I want to set a record straight for those of you who haven't guessed yet: I am an imperfect person. REALLY imperfect. When you read my other blog posts and look at the pictures, it may seem that my kitchen is this nice, orderly world of everything in its proper place at all times.

Dream on.

Now, like going out to lunch after a morning of housework, I can 'clean up pretty good', and if I know I'm having visitors, I do pretty well with kitchen clean-up, too.

But on those days when I live in my kitchen...
Dream on.

In those pictures seen on other posts? I move everything just out of camera shot and clean the immediate area. I mean, immediate. Not one half-inch further. And I only do that so all the clutter doesn't confuse the subject. I am in the midst of creating and taking the photos is for you, not me. The time they take cramps my kitchen-rhythm. So, I do as little as I can as fast as I can to 'git 'er done!'  Then, I can get back to what I'm really on a limited time schedule.When I'm finished, I take a break if I have a little time to manage it. THEN I tackle the cleaning.

But I know there are some of you who won't believe me, so I'm going to do you a favor...
I'm posting the evidence.

Now, you have one less person with which to compare your cleaning and organizational skills. Hopefully, this brings even more freedom and fun to your visits here. As for me, I find confession good for the soul. Now, I have less fear of falling off someone's invisible pedestal.


 See? This is a close up of part of my counter area...Note the papers and books...mostly recipes, poking out beside the grain mill. I was starting the grain soaking for the bread that's in the oven right now, by the way...

Stuff everywhere as I hurry along...even forgot to close one of the cupboards...

Yes, it's cluttered, but it's my organized mess. And by the way, I do have an's to the left, where you can't see...But then, I wasn't using that portion of the kitchen during this shooting, so it was too uncluttered to include.
By the way, I am leaning against my washer while taking this picture...Yes, it's one of those kinds of kitchens...Which just goes to show, it doesn't have to be big or state-of-the-art, (although I would WELCOME both!), to work.
My final piece of evidence of my imperfection in the kitchen is the recipe I am working on. This is the recipe I sort of use for soaked grain bread. You can see by all the scribbles that I'm still tweaking! I will eventually take the time to put all my squiggles to good use by losing what I don't use of this recipe and incorporating my tweaks.

But if you think that's happenin' today...
Dream on.

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