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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Very Productive Day!

Today felt like a getting-back-on-track day. Perhaps it is the knowledge that fall is at last upon us...Well, not really UPON us, as the weather is still muggy and rainy...much more like summer than fall. But there is the mentality of knowing the magic of the season is sure to soon show itself in crisp days and autumn colors. Perhaps this is the reason why today was so productive.
Regardless, today was like a fermented beverage marathon at my house. I ran quickly from tibicos (water kefir), to kombucha, to dairy kefir, to beet kvass. If you want to know how to make any of them, just follow the links. If you decide to do the marathon, however, do keep this in mind: According to GNOWFGLINS, we shouldn't place unlike ferments close together. It doesn't matter if it's sealed, as is the tibicos, but those that are only covered with towels or coffee filters need to be kept separate so their various cultures don't compete with one another. (You don't want them near counter-top sourdough, either.) So, keep different ferments at least two feet apart.
And speaking of sourdough, I took my sourdough off vacation yesterday, so she's sitting on the counter, fermenting and attracting beneficial yeast even now. I also used yogurt culture to create yogurt from act that makes me feel a bit like a culinary chemist, and yet, the magic truly takes place on its own after I perform just a few simple steps. (Once again, follow the links to learn how to make these yourself!)
Yes, today, I tucked summer away and rigorously delved into food preparation that ensures the most nutritional bang for my buck. And to finish the day, I started a bowl of almonds soaking. They should be ready tomorrow to begin drying in the dehydrator until they come to a slightly salty, crisp finish.
Fall weather has a way of reviving the weary...but today I found that even the thought of it summons an energetic response of preparation. Is it some sort of deep instinct? Beats me. All I know is it felt so very, very good to putter in my kitchen, believing and feeling all the while that my puttering was preparation for good.

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