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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fat Facts, (cont.) ~THE DANGERS OF TRANS FATS~

Our butter...a NON trans fat!

Back from our conference, I am so very happy to be home! As we endeavor to build our new business, (Land to Sea Health & Safety Training), I am fairly certain I will not be able to post as often as I, and you, are accustomed...But I will do my best to continue at a pace of at least twice a week. I truly hope it will be more often than that.

Please do go back and read my past two posts about FAT FACTS before continuing here. They will help you understand today's post better. As I was at a conference when they were written, you may be happy to know they are shorter than my 'norm'-especially when I am attempting to explain something. Here are the links to those posts: A Week of Fat Facts
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Here, you will find several articles that delve deeply into the matter of fats, trans fats and saturated plant and animal fats. Well worth your time to peruse the page.

The Dangers of Trans Fats

So, in a nutshell, other than the fact that margarines, shortenings, and many other adulterated trans fats are, well...adulterated and unnatural, what's the big deal? See below.

There's the problem with CANCER. Trans fats inhibit enzymes used by our bodies...enzymes that protect against cancer. Many studies have shown trans fat consumption to be linked to an increase in cancer rates.

Then we find that Type II DIABETES is triggered by trans fats. Why? Once again, it's the interference factor. Trans fatty acids block  insulin receptors within cells.

Lpa (altherogenic lipoprotein-a) is raised when trans fats are consumed. This is a well-known factor in HEART DISEASE.

So much of what we discuss in nutrient-dense eating is based on building the immune system. Trans fats interfere with B and  T cell functions. These cellular functions are necessary ingredients in the recipe of IMMUNE FUNCTION.  When they are blocked, immunity is weakened.

Yet another area of interference involves FERTILITY AND REPRODUCTION. In male animals, trans fats have been shown to decrease testosterone levels and increase abnormal sperm. Enzymes needed for sexual hormone production are inhibited as well.

The normal nutrient density of mother's milk is compromised when trans fats are consumed by the mother because trans fats decrease the fat content of the mother's milk. Trans fats interfere with neurological and visual development in infants and can cross via the mammary glands into mother's milk.

Not only do trans fats harm infants, they can harm the fetus because they cross the placenta. The effects of trans fats on fetal DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH comes in the form of low birth weight and abnormal brain development. This happens because of the interference in the formation of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Even when caloric consumption is the same, it has been found that women consuming trans fats weigh more than women who don't. Trans fats contribute to OBESITY.

Notice all the points where some form of the words 'interference' or 'inhibit' are used. When attempting to explain to another the problems of trans fats, it would seem safe to say that the basic problem lies in that of normal and essential bodily processes. Trans fats INTERFERE with those processes, creating immediate and future dangers and difficulties to our health.


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