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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trading in My Spatula for a Paintbrush

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Spring Fever is hitting me hard this year...Probably because here in Virginia, we had an early-season tease with days that remind of tropical oils and lapping waves on the Chesapeake Bay.

So, I'm using my too-cheesy and therefore, somewhat crumbly, crackers*, freshly made, lacto-fermented mayo*, and an overabundance of pasture-grazed eggs to create a simple meal tonight. Egg salad w/crackers. I used a bit of turmeric in the egg salad because of the good things I have seen written about it lately. We'll probably have a lacto-fermented cheese ball* to the side, beet kvass or kumbucha, too. And for dessert, I think a re-run from yesterday...home-made yogurt w/fresh pineapple.

I read recently that pineapple is really good for arthritis. Pineapple and cherries. Neither of which are locally grown or in season. I have this back issue and this week, it's been worse. I hate popping ibuprofen or similar drugs, so I usually wait until it's excruciating, which they say you shouldn't do because you end up taking more, and I have to say-whoever 'they' are, they're right. So, I try to remember to 'take' pineapple. I could drink the juice, as I do for cherries, (Trader Joe's carries an organic cherry juice y'all!), but I know that food before juicing is better for getting the full scope of that food's nutritional value. Plus, I adore fresh pineapple and whole, sweet cherries!

Yesterday, I ate a lot of freshly-cut pineapple.

Today, my back doesn't hurt and I mean it when I say I didn't do anything differently besides eating the pineapple. I feel so well, that I'm allowing Spring Fever to dictate today's 'feature' activity, which will be painting the section of fencing between my house and the neighbor's. At the very least, I'll get it cleaned and primed..."God willing, and the creek don't rise", as some people in my childhood neck of North Carolina used to say.

What's it like in your neck of the woods today? Whatever it is, I hope it's happy.

*How-to's in later posts or if you're a bit impatient, like I tend to be, contact me via FB @ The Nourished Nana or email to Make sure to put 'N.Nana' in the subject line! 

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