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Friday, April 15, 2011

Oooooh!...Tiny Bubbles! (Kvass Experiment Update)

In "Beet Kvass...Russian's Ruby Red Jewel", I promised an update on my experiment with beet kvass. I tried the longer ferment method, and posted the results in the comment section of the post. You may go there if you like, but to save you the effort, I posted the results below.

UPDATE: I made the kvass again, but this time, I did let it sit at room temperature longer...4 days rather than 2. (I made a half-gallon jar.)

After 4 days, I took half the liquid and beets and put them into another half-gallon jar. I filled both to the shoulder with water and added another 1/4 C. whey to each. I put one in the fridge because I knew my hubby had been without his favorite probiotic drink for a few days. This one we allowed ourselves to drink right away. The other jar, I placed back on the shelf at room temperature for a 2nd 'brew'. Four days later, I placed it in the fridge. (So, this jar fermented for a total of eight days.) Yesterday, we finished off the first jar. 

This morning, I had my first taste of the long-brewed batch... 

Oh, my! I GOT FIZZ! Whoo-hoo! I love those little bubbles and I guess you know my preferred method of 'beet kvassing' now! :)

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