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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Had a DAY...

Oh, my DAY.

Do you ever get them? The days when things don't quite go as you planned? (And some of you are shaking your heads and saying, "Welcome to my world!") Well, it's pretty much my world, too.

I make a list nearly every morning...I have learned it's not a list I will often complete, but it does help me stay on task...I can get distracted so easily! Making a list and checking it from time to time throughout the day helps me do things I would most likely otherwise forget. Like, taking the chicken out of the freezer and putting it in the fridge today so I can cook it tomorrow. For real.

Twice within the last month, I have walked away from the kombucha dispenser leaving the spigot in the 'on' position, forgetting all about it. Both times, I was blessed to have turned my back for only a moment, but not before getting a counter top and dryer top flooded with kombucha. Aaugh!

I did get the new batch of kombucha started, took pictures as I went and I did skim the milk and make butter and took pictures of those processes, too. (I'll be posting that at a later date.) I did make peanut butter...Oh, it's soooo good! I didn't take pics, but I will in the future, and share that, too...I promise!

But my granddaughter wanted to 'do' my hair, so I let her, and I mightily enjoyed it.

And three of my other grandchildren were here for a few hours and after that, we went to see my mom-in-law and enjoyed talking and laughing with her and hearing her story of the day tree-frogs invaded her bathroom.

So, I had a DAY. It didn't go quite as planned. I didn't get everything done on my over-filled list, but those things don't make my DAY a bad DAY...those little interruptions and changes in direction...They just made my day a real day--a better-than-average day--and one I wouldn't trade for a day filled with checks in every one of my boxes.

So, I'm writing to tell you I'm not posting the kombucha directions tonight, but hopefully, by tomorrow night, it'll happen.

What kind of DAY did you have? I pray it was as good as mine!

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