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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peace, Politics, God and Family

The political state of our country is tragic. I know the two major parties have long stood divided, but now it's worse than ever. Some might say that it's always been this way and I'm just now noticing and while in part, this may be true, I don't think it's ultimately true. Why? Because as a mom and grandmom with a multitude of family affairs that come first to me, the political world would have to be in dire straits before such as I would bother to look.

Well, I'm looking. I can hardly take my eyes off it...And the very fact that the political goings-on of America have caught this person's attention is evidence in itself that there's a problem...and a big one.

Our current President used racial dividing lines to promote himself and continues to do so. Denial of this truth is no more than a lie. He is further contributing to the division of America with racial remarks such as the one recently made where he advised Americans to look at Conservatives and note how many black faces they saw among them. If that wasn't instigation, pray tell, what was it? And I have to say, there are many darker faces among the sea of Conservative thinkers, some of whom are personal friends of mine-some, my most kindred spirts- and I know some are afraid to say where they stand aloud.  How did we get here? I missed something while I was raising children, not paying attention.
The thing my darker-skinned friends and I haveve most in common is our love for Jesus.  And before you start cursing me over my relatively mild comments about President Obama, let me confess that I am well aware that the former President added to our division as well. More than by racial inuendos, both have taken stands that they know will win them votes, mindless of the true right and wrong of decisions made. Both have arrogantly dismissed the concerns of the people of America of opposing sides. This causes division and it is this arrogance of our leaders, and more the current one and his administration than any I have ever seen, that is the most disheartening. They represent America and pride surely comes before a fall. How long has it been since we have had a truly humble leader? How much longer before a fall and will that fall be in porportion to the cumulative amount of pride of our leaders? Or will there be mercy this time and the opportunity to repent? Have we gone too far?

I stand on the side of Conservatism. I can't help it. I once was a judgmental Christian-naive and well-meaning, but judgmental all the same. Life has tossed me so many surprises, however, (most of them from the Church and from people who call themselves Christians), that I have this somewhat unique fundamentalist Christian viewpoint. My belief in who Christ is, who God is...these have not changed so much as my awakened understanding of Man. I have found a better place. A place called Mercy. Where there once was little compassion, there is now much. And it's only because of what I have lived. Some really sad, hard stuff...but it has helped God create in me that cleaner heart that I so often used to sing of and ask for. And while I have increased in compassion for some, I have also increased in intolerance of those without compassion...Including those calling themselves Christians.

In this 'state of mind' I have been helped to understand that there are a whole lot of Liberals out there that are doing what they truly believe is best for their country...and much out of a misplaced, misguided understanding of what compassion means according to God's standards. Not all, but many, know not what they do...especially those claiming Christianity. I cannot and will not hate them. And likewise, hateful Conservatives, and of course we have them because we are as human as anyone else, know not what they do when they rant rather than talk...although I do know it is so very difficult to turn that other cheek. But turn it we must.

Still, I am Conservative to my core, and sometimes, I wish I were not.

I wish I were not when it makes me take a stand, as it is now. I'd rather just be quietly Conservative. I don't like that all my family doesn't stand together politically. Not so much because one side or the other must be 'right', but because it causes division. I love my family and have always believed that the only thing before family is God...But now, as I put God first in all things, I am compelled to remember that "in all things" means "in ALL things". So, when the leaders of my country support things that are not God-supported, like abortion and a miriad of other items...I have to draw in a deep breath and stand firm in regard to Chrisitan convictons.

I HAVE to.

And that could mean that some in my family will become angry with me...Some may even come to hate me for what I stand for, and that knowledge breaks my heart, because I know that no matter how far apart our beliefs, I will always love them. Still, as more is revealed about the workings of our government, I am finding I have to take a visible stand. This is a conflict of soul and heart and I am sure I do not suffer alone.

My husband told me a few days ago that the reasons/differences that caused the Civil War were far less than the differences between Conservatives and Liberals today. That's frightening. I know that as Christians, we are 'aliens' to this world...but I have so hoped for peace to prevail in spite of a universe of opposing convictions.

So, I write today with sadness. I know. We bloggers are either supposed to be forever uplifting or forever abrasive, or forever clever. But I want peace and that's real, and I have in my blog subtitle that this is a real place. So, I'm writing today of what's really, really on my heart.

I am crawling out of my quietly Conservative cave and I wonder how many like me are doing likewise.

But truly, peace is on my heart...and my deep regret and concern that we have by far passed the point of no return.

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