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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Behind...

New job keeping me busy...!

But I am back, if not with pictures, with a heart for this place I have come to consider 'my own', and those who wander in to sit and contemplate with me for awhile.

Today, I am to unpack all the Christmas frills for this fabulous season...and I make no bones about The Reason the season is fabulous.

With or without ornamentation, the wonder of the miraculous conception and birth of our Savior remains. Although many have tried their hand at distractions from the Truth, no one knowing Him can ever become completely taken in by the hoop-las and frills and non-meaningful attachments thrust upon this Holy Day.

There is no need to inform me that the day chosen by Christians to remember the birth of Christ is probably not His actual birthday.

No need to tell me that the lights on my porch, the tree in my window, the candy canes in the vase have no actual connection to the birth of an Eternal King.

The Author and Ruler of Heaven knows I know...But because I am made in His image, I have this ability to create-and that ability lends itself to using all the external trappings of Christmas as tools to teach and train those who follow behind me. Children. Grandchildren.

I use the tree to tell of a Cross, of everlasting life, of the Light of the world.

I use the Christmas lights to remind of the star that led three kings to the home of a young Child...It did not stop shining it's light the day He was shone on until they came to Him, as the Bible says, in a house, and it speaks of Him then as a Child, not a baby or infant. The star shone a very long time...This can be significant in teaching a child about the Light of our Savior.

The candy cane. Well, that has it's own story as most of you know...The white to represent the purity of our Saviour, the red to tell of the blood He would shed to save humanity, and the hooked shape to remind us of a shepherd's staff, for the Kind Shepherd of our souls watches over us, and pulls us-like sheep-away from danger, and back into His fold when we stray.

There was a season when we minimilized Christmas ornamentation...or at least, scaled it down. And while it's not necessary to have the decorations, we found it is just as unnecessary to delete them. In this world that is trying as hard as it can to stifle the light of Christmas, I believe it is important that we use our Christmas decorations to show that world where we stand.

If you are able, do let the world know you celebrate Christmas. It need not be more than a candle in every window, a wreath upon the door, or a tree....or it may be more...but let them know. Christmas does not take a back seat to Hannuka, Kwaanza, or any other December holiday because we're talking about THE Master of the Universe, to Whom ALL creatures will bow. This basic is what the Christian must believe.

So, I ask that if you have decided to grind your heels in the dirt and speak boldly out against the commercialism of Christmas by undecorating your home...Please, if you do so for Jesus' sake, do give it another thought.

Consider how you can use your decorations to proclaim the truth to a dark and weary world that Jesus came to be and is today, The Light.

Merry Christmas.

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