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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coffee Cups and Chandeliers

While we're on the subject of thrift...Just thought I'd show off our chandelier project!

Our daughter recieved the bottom portion of this chandelier from a friend several years ago. Upon moving, she decided it wasn't really something she wanted to keep and told me I could have it if I wanted it. I knew I wanted it. That was nearly four years ago!

I always liked this unique chandelier because I am very into unique items, but I didn't care for the 70's finish of the metal. Somehow, through several yard sale seasons and "I'm getting rid of everything!" sessions, this little cutie stayed home.

In the garage.
On the deck.
Beside the outdoor trash can...but that didn't last.
And finally, in a corner of the dining room.

From this spot, it beckoned daily until at last I stopped procrastinating, told Jim what I had in mind for it, and off to Lowe's we went.

We returned with a single can of Rustoleum bronze-colored, 'hammered steel effect', spray paint.
We took off the cups and taped around the areas where we didn't want paint...It wasn't much. I cleaned the cups and saucers while Jim sprayed the metal. It ended up taking three coats because exposure to the weather had added wear to its age. But the end result was a nice bronze with a bit of a hammered look. The drier the paint, the more the effect could be seen.

Jim attached the reassembled chandelier by wire to the already existing chandelier, which came with the house and is an original hammered metal piece. It's a bit dated, but unique, which is why it is still hanging. It has always seemed too small for the room on its own and hangs too far above the table.  The added cup-and-saucer chandelier, with color and texture matching the old one, just made the whole thing look right...size-wise, color-wise, and unique style-wise.

I placed coffee beans in the cups that formerly housed light bulbs, and put small votives in each. The beans accomplish three feats: 1) anchoring for the votives, 2) coffee aroma as the votive candles burn, and, 3) the melted wax will adhere to the beans rather than the cup. The entire cooled 'glob' can be removed as needed-and easily replaced.

We have loved this new piece of ambiance in our dining room. The effect of it when lit at night is soothingly stunning. It also readily lends itself to decoration which helps transform the room seasonally, something I am especially fond of because such things make the childrens' eyes light up.

We are pleased...As I contemplate this project, I feel the only thing displeasing is that it was about a two hour start-to-finish job that took us nearly four years to complete!

Cost? About $8.00 for the specialized spray paint.


May plenty of sunshine come your way this day,

p.s. For you local guys and gals, a few of our thriftstore favs:
On Mercury Blvd. there are DAV, Family Thrift,  and CHKD. Teen Challenge is on Warwick Blvd. (actually, think this in within Newport News borders), and the newer Goodwill is located on Cunningham Dr. The Salvation Army store here closed, but I believe there's a newer one on Jefferson in Newport News. We hope to check that one out soon.
There are several more, and you never know what you'll find-but these are closest to us and therefore, most frequented by us. Remember, you are not only conserving finances, finding cool treasures, and helping postpone dump pile-ups. Most of these organizations use the proceeds to further a very worthy cause.

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