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Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Day Blogging EVER

So, it's my first day ever for blogging. I've read others' blogs and usually found the ones I accessed to be interesting, if not fun. So, here I am, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, giving it a whirl.

I am one of the lucky ones, I think. I spy from my 'writing window', a refurbished pond we inherited with the purchase of our bungalow/dutch colonial style home several years ago. When we first bought the place, the pond was a white elephant, only it was really aqua-marine.

Former owners had decided the concrete would somehow look better in spa-blue. It did not. They used actual marine paint, so we fight with it every spring, painting over the blue with browns, greens and grays, all mottled and sponged together to give it realism. Then we let Virgina Creeper creep over it, along with Jasmine. We repeat the proces year by year, as the blue beneath eventually peels away, taking our work with it. But one of these years, the blue will be gone and hopefully, our artistry will remain.

Until then, it's Spring Therapy.

The pond, in years of purposed evolution, has become a paradise for bathing beauty birds as well as the fish we introduced to it. The latter have undergone near extinction due to a gluttonous Blue Heron, but always, enough remnant remains for repopulation. This is the place of mini-refuges and countless contemplations. A bit of a waterfall gives soothing sound and a place for the fish to play in the bubbles. An addition of a bridge gives a place to dangle and when we dare, allow tadpoles and fish to 'kiss' toes.

Regardless of the multitude of migraines life so eagerly offers, I am sure...yes, quite positive, I am among the fortunate...the blessed...the Grateful.

Come join me on my contemplative journey. My garden is full of birds, plants, butterflies, children and thoughts...lots and lots and lots and lots of thoughts...

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